Apple Pie Americana

A world without pie would be, in short, incomplete. A world without my mom’s soul-satisfying apple pie would be a devastation. It’s buttery, sweet, and warmly spiced, with a beautifully flakey crust.

My mom made my then-boyfriend, now-husband this pie for his eighteenth birthday and, well, twelve years later, we’re still together. Is it our relationship or the promise of yearly birthday pie that keeps us going strong? You tell me.

This was my first attempt at making the pie on my own, for a work party of my husband’s no less. As I was waiting for it to bake, it occurred to me that perhaps I should have made something I could taste before serving it to other people. But, it was too late, and luckily the ladies of the Junior League of Seattle, who published the recipe in their Simply Classic cookbook, crafted their pie from tried-and-true ingredients and with easy-to-follow instructions. The pie turned out to be quite delicious; although of course, my mom’s still—and probably always will—tastes better.

You can find the base recipe here. Of note, my mom and I aren’t huge fans of Granny Smith apples, so we use Gala apples. I find that their subtle sweetness isn’t overpowering and that it pairs nicely with the cinnamon and nutmeg called for in the recipe.


~ a simple toast




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