Rosemary Bacon Twists

Get ready. We’re talking bacon, rosemary, and puff pastry today. Oh and did I mention brown sugar too?

I made these rosemary bacon twists a while back and they were divine. Some, ahem—my husband, might say that I used too much rosemary. And maybe I did. But these twists were incredible and so easy to make. They were also a big hit at the dinner party I took them to.

You can find the recipe I used here. I pretty much followed the Half Baked Harvest instructions exactly, but instead of adding cayenne pepper, I sprinkled crushed red chile peppers over the dough before I twisted the puff pastry up.

I have big plans to do all kinds of twists now: brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter twists; pesto and sun-dried tomato twists; swiss, mustard, and ham twists. Oh the possibilities!









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  1. Oh my god, this really looks amazing and I can even smell the combination of rosemary and bacon. Thank you for sharing this mouth-watering dish! 🙂

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  2. They look so beautiful! 💚

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