Molasses Butter Cookies

Molasses. I love it.

Perhaps alarmingly so, after I saw the look on my husband’s face as he watched me open a jar of it and deeply inhale its warm, sweet scent.

I offered the jar to him and he wasn’t quite as impressed, but he did eat up a whole load of the cookies I made from it.

I had about a 1/2 cup of molasses left over from last year’s holiday baking and was determined to use it. Even in April.

So I found the out-of-this-world Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookie recipe on Gimme Some Oven. I’d never visited the blog before, but I will certainly be back!

The tricky thing is that although my husband and I are cookie fanatics (to put it lightly), we are also trying not to gain a ton of weight. In an attempt to keep us from eating an entire batch of the Gimme Some Oven recipe, I halved it. And I’m thinking I did so incorrectly, because my cookies are much, much flatter than the source recipe’s.

Here’s the thing: I think I added too much butter (is there such a thing?). And I may or may not have been impatient and melted said butter down too much before mixing it with the sugar. And okay, maybe I also only let the cookie dough sit in the fridge for fifteen minutes instead of thirty. And by fifteen I mean five.

You get where I’m going with this.

Moreover in my love of molasses and in my attempt to finish that jar, I added a couple tablespoons over what would have been the half called for.

Well, lucky for us, the cookies were still delicious and turned out more buttery and chewy than I could have hoped for. And that heavy molasses flavor? It goes real well with a cup of dark coffee.




IMG_1744 (1).jpg



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